Why Total Hip Replacement Surgery is Good for You

First sign when a person is requiring total hip replacement surgery is when he/she feels a bit of stiffness & discomfort in thighs, buttocks or groin when they wake up in the morning. This pain is then found to flare when the patient is active & which usually gets better with rest. This condition keeps getting worse & subsequently until rest no longer relieves pain in case the patient is not treated for osteoarthritis of the hip. While bone spurs eventually buildup at the edges of the joint, the hip joint gets inflamed & stiff as a result. Moreover, when the cartilage has completely worn away, bones within the hip joint start rubbing against each other. This makes movement very painful & the hip joint may lose its ability to rotate, extend or flex the hip. As patients become less active in order to avoid pain, muscles controlling the hip joint get weaker. This may result as the patient developing a limp.

Diagnosing Problems Associated with the Hip Joint

Orthopedists would usually determine as to how much the disease has progressed. Patients must therefore properly describe their symptoms including when they began. As part of the physical examination the orthopedist may extend, flex & rotate the hips so as to check for pain. They will ask the patient to stand of walk one on leg in order to see how the lips lineup. Moreover, both hip joints may most probably be x-rayed for evaluating if hip joint space has changed & whether the patient has developed bone spurs or any other abnormalities.

Why Undergo Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Treatments for various conditions requiring hip replacement surgery procedures should also include bracing, medication & lifestyle changes alongside surgical intervention. Treatment plans are generally tailored so as to effectively manage conditions of each patient. However, in some cases total joint replacement surgery involving replacing the original joint with a prosthetic joint may be the best solution for chronic hip pain. Orthopedists are the best doctors who can determine whether total hip replacement surgery is an ideal treatment option for a particular patient & as to which surgical technique should be applied including computer assisted surgery & advanced implant options.

Where to Find Affordable Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip is one of the biggest working joints in the body. Whenever something goes wrong with the hip joint, it can seriously impact the entire body & the patients’ ability to perform every day activities. When the hip joint is severely damaged because of arthritis or due to other problems, total hip replacement surgery procedure is usually recommended. This is an excellent procedure which can greatly improve the quality of life of patients by relieving pain associated with the hip & allow them live a fuller & more active life. This is the reason there are millions of people around the world undergoing total hip joint replacement surgery every year. Hip replacement surgery in India is an excellent opportunity for international patients seeking affordable orthopedic solutions away from their homeland. Hip replacement surgery cost in India is not just reasonable but the quality of treatment is quite high, in fact at par with the best in the world.

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