Last month, I decided to partake in the “Gratitude Challenge,” which consists of consciously practicing gratitude for 21 days. The National Institutes of Health study found that when people express kindness or feel gratitude, their hypothalamus floods the brain with dopamine. This gives people a natural high, motivating them to do good and express gratitude even more. Harvard researcher, Shawn Achor, explained that writing down three things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days in a row significantly can increase levels of optimism, and it holds for the next six months. I’ve been searching for ways to foster a…

If you would have asked me 3 years ago if happiness was achievable, I would have scoffed at you. My world was a heavy dark cloud, I rose each morning with sorrow in my heart. Happiness was a mirage that I never thought could be a reality.

……But here I am 3 broken years later.

My mother was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2016.

7 months later, I lost her in the winter of 2017.

11 months later, my soul mate committed suicide.

Nothing has been the same ever since.

I wish that’s where my initial pain stemmed from, but it’s…

Kimberly Phan

my waters run deep and like the ocean, no one has reached the very bottom of me.

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