If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
Benjamin P. Hardy

I think this is an excellent article with a lot of fantastic points, the main one being that it’s important to embrace discomfort in order to grow as a person. That learning and doing things that are scary and difficult requires moving through the “suck.” However, I completely disagree that you don’t have to love yourself first. Maybe not, but I find that it’s so much more difficult if you don’t do the soul-searching work that allows you to love yourself despite your lack of success. When I love myself, I can “breathe through the suck” much more, and have faith in a better future. I think telling people that they can only love themselves as a result of their success, is a dangerous thing to say. To have all your worth tied up in your accomplishments, and not as an innate love for your own worthiness, is not a good thing in my experience.

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