You are a human.

Kim Nicol
Kim Nicol
Jun 9, 2013 · Unlisted

You are a human. That means you have a body, and emotions, and thoughts. It means you need to sleep. You need to eat food that nourishes you. You’re going to feel things. We call them feelings. There is a full spectrum of them, and you are invited to experience them all. Even the less popular ones, like despair and sorrow.

You have so many thoughts. You have this amazing brain that thinks it is so smart. It gets bossy and loud, and wants to be in charge all the time. It thinks you need to stay immersed in the world of thoughts

Remember that you are a human, and that your brain is best supported when the other systems have what they need. When your body gets nourishment, and rest, and movement, everything functions better. When you feel loved and connected with good people who are rooting for you, everything functions better.

You forget. You think you can’t have it. You think there are other things more important. Like whatever you’re working on right now that has to get done immediately or else.

It’s ok. Remember to take a breath.

Go for a walk, outside, in nature. Keep your phone out of reach. Don’t take pictures. Just allow yourself to be on the walk. Breathing, moving, and feeling. Can your brain handle that?

You are a human. You will forget what you need. You will become confused and distracted. Overwhelmed.

It’s ok. We all go through that.

When you forget, mindfulness helps you remember. It creates space so you can notice what’s out of balance. It gives you the distance you need to see your dashboard, so you can see what needs attention. Where you’re in the red.

When you know, then you can take action to correct.

Or not. It’s your call.

I’m not here to tell you how to live. I’m here to remind you that you are alive.

And that will not always be true.


    Kim Nicol

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    Kim Nicol

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