A Little Taller, A Lot Smarter
Mark Hogan

Ah, if only fixing our housing issue were as easy as a density bonus. The more I learn about this, the more it seems clear our entire zoning structure needs to be changed/fixed. This density bonus has been on the books for years, but from what I can tell only taken advantage of by non profits building below market housing. We are stuck with what is likely NIMBY zoning that limited much of SF from taller buildings created decades ago. I am in favor of a density bonus, but wish our leaders and city planners had the guts and desire to make the code easier to understand, cheaper to meet, and logical. For example, yes, Geary St should have many tall (even 6 stories would help) apartment/condo buildings vs. what looks like strip malls. And yes, putting up a 6 story apartment building on some blocks is not appropriate. But I think it is the building codes that is the main problem here, and they need to get it fixed before we can expect developers to really take advantage of any bonuses.