Digital goods and collectables are taken to a new level with blockchain ledger

Blockchain. Game on!

Kimon Lycos
Feb 16, 2018 · 4 min read

Is there something wrong with me? When I got into this blockchain stuff, the first thing that hit me was how perfect it would be for a game. Other people have worked out how to save whales, home the homeless and transform corrupt financial industries.

While I’m not on a crusade to save people from anything but boredom, I do believe that, ultimately, the Forever Has Fallen project just might lead to doing some good for humankind, which I’ll get to soon…

Blockchain and the microeconomies that it spawns enables gamification and cryptocurrency to be taken to a whole new level. Player engagement becomes a new type of addictiveness with a utility token, because players have a stake in growing the value and reputation of the token they own. They can also directly influence the popularity of their token and the community they belong to.

Blockchain is powerful as a ledger for player status, achievements and ownership of in-game digital goods and collectables. Smart Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and recruit for the game, which in turn offers exceptional levels of scalability for creating game experiences and marketing for the good of the game, community and token economy.

Research indicates the 2.2 billion gamers out there purchase $94.4 billion of digital goods annually. Add blockchain and its immutable record and you have trust in a trustless environment with the makings of an active global community, buying, selling and trading, with no need for a central authority.

Evidence for how serious I am in creating a global community and economy is how we have allocated the tokens of our capped supply. 35% is there to fund the creation of the game experience with a token sale event. 45% or 450,000,000 tokens is there to incentivise direct participation in the game economy and responsibly fuel it.

Our combination of blockchain and the engaging power of gamification is delivered in the form of a blockbuster story using transmedia storytelling. This means that the game is played across different media types, such as Twitter, email, websites, mobile and even real world events. The game play comes with direct interaction with story characters, challenges, puzzles and meet-ups with other players for shared experiences.

The player is thrown into an international firestorm to uncover the truth behind the destruction of a billion dollar start-up and the brutal murder of a top executive. The main character, Karl-Axel Mattiasson is on the run, framed for these crimes and needs the player’s help.

Imagine employment opportunities thanks to the game you love

What really sets the entire gamification of blockchain apart is the dedicated game token. Our utility token, Forever Coin, is for the online/offline economy.

The Forever Has Fallen economy contains a market place with digital goods and collectables. Players also produce content for the game — creating experiences for other players — which provides rewards for the contributors and scalability for the business model. But I can see that the best creators of content could generate their own employment opportunities: getting rewarded from the pool of 450,000,000 tokens and from fellow players who buy and use their content.

The token will also be connected with key partners, so players can use the token outside of the game to pay for experiences relevant to the game. This feature is where value is provided for the player, but also generates revenue to ensure a healthy commercial business.

The decentralised nature of blockchain delivers notable benefits, including a totally transparent way to record transactions (no one can cheat!), better infrastructure for hosting services and improved security measures.

Creating a marketer’s paradise

Players will be participating in mission-based games and challenges. They will be rewarded with tokens that can unlock valuable discounts, experiences and promotions with partners. We will also have models designed to have players engaged in a meaningful way with partners. For example, reminiscent of the Pokemon craze, having AR based activities at partner locations, or meet-ups where people can use the token for purchases.

Microeconomies such as Forever Has Fallen will deliver value to all parties involved. The integration of gamification techniques developed on the blockchain promises to improve data collection, understand user preferences and capitalise on this information. From a marketer’s perspective, these leaps represent a tremendous advantage. They will have a deep and meaningful understanding of their consumer, so that outreach efforts are absolutely quantifiable while delivering completely targeted results.

Ultimately, I see new value and benefits delivered for the people within the community. New friendships and relationships are forged. New opportunities are created for players to earn and sell tokens or use them to buy online and offline. I also see a new type of economy forming, the size of a nation state, but a true Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

Who knows where that might lead…

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