Forever Has Fallen unique gaming experiences: blockchain gamification, an online-offline economy, and played by using transmedia storytelling.

Forever Has Fallen is an immersive experience-game using transmedia, based on a blockbuster story. The game is played across different media types, such as social media, email, websites, mobile and real world events in the form of fan driven scavenger hunts, escape rooms and meet-ups. The game play involves direct interaction with story characters, challenges, puzzles and other players sharing real-world experiences.

Blockchain gamification uses an immutable ledger for player status, achievements and ownership of in-game digital goods and collectables. Smart Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and promote the game.

The Forever Has Fallen game economy takes the use of a cryptocurrency to a new level. Players have a stake in growing the popularity and reputation of the token they own because it can be sold on exchanges. This encourages a high level of game participation, fans can directly influence the value of tokens and the game community by their actions — helping to build and promote the game.

The Forever Has Fallen player is thrown into an international firestorm to uncover the truth behind the destruction of a Swedish billion dollar start-up, The Forever Social, (which creates mass digital immortality), and the brutal murder of a top executive. The main character, Karl-Axel Mattiasson, the technical genius behind The Forever Social is on the run, framed for these crimes and needs the player’s help. He rewards players with his cryptocurrency Forever Coin when they complete tasks and help him to get one step closer to the truth.

Using the storyline, the Forever Coin is a key part of an online/offline economy. The game contains a market place with digital goods and collectables. Players also produce content for the game — creating experiences for other players — which provides rewards for the contributors and scalability for the game to become global and fan driven.

The best creators of content have the ability generate their own income: getting rewarded from a pool of 450,000,000 tokens (approximately US$45 million worth) and from fellow players who buy and use their content. The token will also be connected with key partners, so players can use the token offline to pay for experiences relevant to the game.

Funding for Forever Has Fallen will come from an Initial Coin Offering, with 35% of the total token supply being used for the utility token sale, to generate funding to complete the global game. The remaining token supply is there to encourage direct participation in the game economy and add value to the game.



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