Dealing With Rejection

Rejection by a prospect or a client can be hurtful. Often times we suffer the greatest from rejection when we don’t have enough deals and opportunities on the go. We let ourselves suffer because we were so caught up in a single deal and we didn’t take enough time to continue to prospect and see what else is out there.

The best way to deal with rejection is to get back out there. Wipe off the pain and hurt and move forward. There are too many people that are still interested in your product or service to allow ourselves to deal on the single, now dead, deal.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. There are new opportunities to be found. Use this as your momentum to build up your pipeline even further.

If you’re not being rejected, chances are you aren’t playing big enough. Even the best of people are rejected from time to time. Carry on and move forward. Know that you are greater than your single rejection and one “no” will never keep you down. Good Luck!

Video: 1:46

How do you deal with rejection?

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