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Hi Amanda,

What I did was I worked for a company, made my performance targets and continued to work for my own business on the side. I was open and honest with my company about what I was building. When they questioned how long I would likely continue working for them I said about 2 years. I offered to use my coaching skills in other areas of the business and I volunteered to lead a fun employee engagement project beyond my job description. However I also knew beyond achieving the targets set out by the company it was not in my personal benefit to exhaust my energy building their company when I could spend my energy building mine. I was fortunate to work for an organization that saw output instead of hours and I did what I could early on to give the output needed to put me at my company set objective. I was also fortunate to have within my offer letter that I was allowed to have other sources of income as long as it didn’t interfere with certain defined working hours.

I don’t believe anything I did was unethical. My business was not in the same industry nor did I ever talk with my customers about what I was building. However since I was publishing articles to build up awareness for my personal brand it would occasionally be brought up in conversation and it was my responsibility to change the topic.

I hope that clarifies for you. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate the feedback and discussion.