One Thing to Increase Your Possibilities

When I decided to take a course in life coaching, I never considered that I would spend half my training being the coachee. Makes sense, though. In most psychologist training, the student has to attend therapy for a year to experience the process. In my coaching class, we would learn how to question and listen properly, and how to enable the client to create multiple positive possibilities. However once I was finished practicing being the coach the table would turn and I would become an authentic coachee with my real struggles.

As a coach, I struggled with my first few sessions. I was too much of a sales rep and not enough coach. I either questioned to drive home that “I can save you from your hopeless situation with the perfect solution that I happen to be selling”, or the exact opposite of soccer-mom cheerleader and my “you’re doing amazing”! As I continued to practice though things finally started to click and I became better.

What is a Coach?

A coach is not a therapist, a mentor, a teacher nor a friend. A coach questions. She is neutral to the outcome and the process. She uses her questions to help the client see his complete potential, get “unstuck” in their perceived problems, and see new possibilities that he didn’t see before. The coach never gives a single piece of advice. She doesn’t need to. It is the belief that the client has all the resources within himself. As a coach, I am here to point the flashlight in different directions and ask the client to explore further.

As a coach, I help others develop their strengths. I help people understand and completely live to their highest potential. My vision is to be of service to others by opening up their scope. All of my clients are standing at the edge of greatness. They have it within themselves. You have it within yourself. All hesitations can be overcome.

Results with Coaching

Coaching works. As I sat in every session, first as a coach then as a coachee, I began to understand the power of what it was. I became completely vulnerable and open to the new ideas that I brought myself. As I talked through the things that were overwhelming me and the many ideas I wanted to do but found looking at my list was too much it felt good to talk it through. I talked about my lack of confidence, my relationships and the many things I needed to do to build my practice. I needed to talk it through with someone; not a friend or a therapist. I came up with next steps and ideas I had never thought of until those moments. I came up with committed action plans. I was determined and I could see the process. I am also ready to help you discover your full potential and capabilities.

Have you ever worked with a coach? What do you know about coaching?

Kim Orlesky is an Executive Life Coach inspiring daily joy. Her focus is to help individuals find life balance by understanding their barriers and prioritizing the important aspects of their life.

She is a world traveller, author, one-time marathoner, adventurer, poor golfer, inconsistent yogi and puppy parent to her Weimaraner. She is currently based in Calgary, Canada.

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