Cheers to New Ventures;

Focusing on the good

If happiness were a flavor, it would be any one of Tastea’s boba teas. Absolutely made for the sweet-toothed child, and for after the school hours, and the late night meet-ups. Perfectly saturated, neon green, chewy balls, mixed in, sunken with sweet peach chunks in peach strawberry tea. My mind is flooded with excited, happy electricity, my insides jumping for literal joy. Usually, I’ll get a boba drink with my youngest sister after picking her up from school on Fridays, one of my days off. But this Saturday, I decided once more to indulge.

I decided that today I will be starting a photo journal blog where, like the 365 day project, I would start a journal to capture what moves me, makes me feel strongly, especially focusing on the more positive, optimistic vibes. Each day capturing and digging through the day until I’ve discovered something that inspires me.

In a way, this journal is a way for me to express myself creatively. I once kept a journal throughout my teenage years and wrote a bit into college, but somewhere along the line I stopped. I lost touch with the side of me that spoke freely through written words, arranged neatly from the chaos in my mind. Before, I wrote because I was sad, and I wanted to find meaning from those experiences in order to move forward with my life. I believe that writing down those feelings made them seem more real; it was better than the alternative: crying, feeling sorry for myself, praying, cutting. It feels as if a lifetime ago, and I want again to create an essence of inspiration through journaling, through writing.