Latin. “You can not give what you do not have..”

How to let go of someone who wasn’t yours

Before anything else, you should know that the issue here is not him/her. It is not about the why’s of him/her not loving you back. You are reading this because you know that there is no more hope left in your heart and you are now facing the truth (not the possibility) that those dreams of yours with him/her will NEVER come true.

You know that he/she will NEVER be yours and now you are hurt. You dwelt on your feelings so much and now you have decided to move on. But how?

First things first, are you really decided that you want to set yourself free? Because if you do, you have to know that you can not let go of someone who was not yours. You can not give what you do not have.

The only thing that you have is yourself, so you should let go of yourself.

  1. Have a good cry. Yeah, crying helps a lot. It releases the innermost feelings we cannot let-off and I’m telling you, it will give you the relief you are looking for.
  2. DO NOT DATE. Do not, in any manner, involve yourself into another pit of danger when you are not whole yet. Don’t be afraid of giving yourself the breaks you deserve. In singularity, you’ll be able to contemplate on what you want to do in your life after the wreck that you’ve been.
  3. Make yourself busy. Try a different activity. Read a book, enroll in music classes (you should try drum lessons), paint, write stories, join drama clubs, etc. These will be the outlets of the repressed emotions left after crying. Also, these are potential freelance work. You might get extra income from these.
  4. Pray. Knowing that there is Someone Up There is reeeeaaaally, really comforting. Let go and let God.
  5. Love yourself. No, I’m not talking about J. Bieber’s song. You have to at least try to love yourself a bit more than usual. Him/her not falling in love with you does not mean you have to lower your standards. Your standards reflect who you are and how you want yourself to be treated. So don’t feel bad with it okay?

Developing your confidence after a heartbreak is the key on moving on (in my opinion). This may be hard but it’s not impossible. Eventually, people will see how you take care of yourself. Who knows? One of them may want to take care of you or they may want to be taken care by you…

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