The Himig Kalawaan Choir a.k.a. Levitecoro on their Christmas Concert | “Share a Little Christmas with Kyla” | Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish, December 28, 2011

The Benefits of Joining a Choir

When I was still a young girl, we are required by Caritas Manila (the NGO which granted our scholarship), to join any church organization. By that time, there are only 3 orgs dedicated to the youth in our parish: the Ministry of Altar Servers (closed for the boys only), the Parish Youth Ministry (which was inactive) and the Music Ministry.

There was this choir that we rarely hear because they were scheduled to sing in the morning mass, while we attended mass in the afternoon. Also, we hear them sing mostly in the special occassions like Christmas Eve, Easter Vigil, Fiesta Mass etc.

So my dear friend and I decided to join them. We are pushing each other on who will go upstairs first (since they are located on the choir loft) but some of their members saw us and invited us to attend their audition.

To cut the story short, we passed. Both of us were assigned Sopranos (and I must say, it’s not easy to reach those high, over-the-ledger notes!)

The Sopranos recording their part on one of the songs from the “I Am for Christ” album.

Soon, just like most of them, we reached our 8th year as their members. Now that I’m in a hiatus (due to studies), I came to think that they are not just SIMPLE choir mates, they are also:

  1. Life advisers. Facing the toughest challenges life has to offer, we are not always given the sword and armor we need. Sometimes, when we least expect it, we find it from other people. And I found mine with my choir mates. Since all of us are not in the same age, the older ones taught us what they did when they experienced the same struggles. Also, they learn from us on how to adapt to the changes of the new world.
  2. Love gurus. Of course, they know something we did not know. They already had the love we long for. They saw things we can not see and they feel things we are too immature to feel. They sometimes play as match makers and who knows? The love teams they are rooting for may end up to be partners forever in the future?
  3. Eating buddies. Yeah, we eat a lot. And when I say ‘a lot’, I mean HUGE! We love eating together after the gigs we have. And they will boost your appetite on food. Mind you, some of the foods we eat are the following: pasta carbonara, sisig (with garlic rice), siomai, chicken inasal, all other types of Silog. Also, we do not forget to drink Coke every after rehearsal.
  4. Friends. More than choir mates, they will be the bestest friends a person can have. You can lean on them when your burden is too heavy. You can cry on their shoulders when you can not handle your emotions. They will let you sleep in their house when your own house is under renovation. They will cook for you knowing how much you love the taste of their food. And they won’t leave you until you tell them why you wanted to be away from them. Aww…
  5. Family. Above everything, they can treat you like a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, an older brother, an older sister, a younger sibling, etc. Imagine the harmony of a choir who treats their co-members with genuine love and care. Do you hear how their sound perfectly fits and compliments one another?
Ready for the album launching of “I Am for Christ” x DVP-NCR Vocation Festival | November 10, 2012

You can also experience the above circumstances with other groups, but for me, joining the choir and being one of them is the best thing that will happen to anybody. Honestly, I can not imagine life without them, and being on-leave for about three months already makes me want to finish things the soonest time possible so I can join in their singing again.

P.S. Our choir is always open for auditions. For interested parties, please visit us at Sta. Martha Parish, Kalawaan, Pasig City. Our mass schedule is at 9am every Sunday. Please look for the Himig Kalawaan Choir a.k.a. Levitecoro.

We also celebrate our choir’s founding anniversary every February 14.
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