Iranian citizens take to the streets to fight for their freedom

Kim Priestap
Dec 31, 2017 · 2 min read

If you haven’t been following the protests in Iran you should be. They’re in their third full day and growing. One million Iranians are out in cities and towns all over Iran protesting the hardline Mullahs who have made life in Iran a prison.

This tweet maps out where the protests have been taking place:

Women are risking their lives removing their hijabs in protest in their fight for freedom from oppression. One woman even bravely screamed “Death to Khemeni”. She could have been hauled off, tortured, and killed for that.

President Trump has been on Twitter expressing his support for the Iranian protesters. This is the support they needed in 2009 that Barack Obama denied them. In order to help secure his Iranian deal, Obama sided with their oppressors.

Because of President Trump’s vocal support, the protests have grown:

These protests have been happening all over Iran, yet the mainstream media won’t fully report on them. If it hasn’t been clear before, it should be now that the American mainstream media have fully invested themselves in the Democrats as a whole and Barack Obama’s presidency and legacy in particular. It should also be clear that they are nothing but contemptuous toward President Trump, and these two positions are responsible for their lackluster coverage of what could very well be history making protests. They refuse to cover what can only be seen positive for President Trump. The whole world would benefit from the fall of the Iranian Mullah regime. Hezbollah’s destruction alone would be life altering for millions of people.

To really know what is happening on the ground in Iran, go to Twitter and type in #IranProtests and you’ll learn what’s going on, almost in real time, as people upload reports, photos, and videos of the protests.

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