Obama ends special immigration policy for Cubans

The Obama administration announced, effective immediately, it has ended the special “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy for Cubans seeking asylum in the U.S.

Cubans are dismayed, as anyone could imagine, as they are now really at the tender mercies of Raul Castro with no way out from underneath his oppressive regime.

And Raul Castro’s reaction? Well, I would hazard a guess that it is probably something like this:

So why did Obama clamp down on immigration from Cuba now? I think there are a couple of things going on.

One, Cuba is a communist country, and as a progressive Democrat, Obama doesn’t see communism in the same negative light that Republicans and conservatives do, so he does not think it is a true hardship for Cubans to remain in Cuba. After all, they have access to the amazing Cuban healthcare system.

Two, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were sure she would win Florida because the Latino vote was in the bag for her. This was not the case, however. Cuban Americans in Florida came out in large numbers for Donald Trump. Not all of them voted for Trump, of course, as the Cuban American population is not as monolithic in its voting patterns the way other minority voting groups are, but enough of them came out for Trump that it helped put Florida in Trump’s column. This probably stuck in Obama’s craw.

The only upside I can see is this policy change could — and that is a very big could — put a fire in the bellies of those who really want the Castro regime gone to actually organize the resistance necessary to do that.