Eyes Opened in El Salvador
Sally Tucker

Well written. However, we have to remember where these gangs started. It was in the USA. They were deported to an El Salvador that just was not ready to handle them after the civil wars. 8 days isn’t enough to grasp the entire problem as you already know.

What can we do to make sure that these children who flee El Salvador don’t end up in gangs only to be deported and worsen the problem? These children who are in poverty, arriving without parents and in a land much different than their own. Their circumstances are tragic and the odds are against them if they seek refuge here with limited resources and lack of community support. They need and deserve so much. We can’t keep cycling through the issue.

My heart wants these children in the USA to prosper, but even more, I want them to eventually take back what is theirs.

What can we do to help their home country so they don’t have to leave? So El Salvador isn’t a wasteland? What changes can the US make with their own deportation policies? What can be done to prevent the problem and not exacerbate it?

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