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By Kim Rosenthal, MD

The Thinking Brain Versus Everything Else

Psychiatry deals with the supratentorial. Supratentorial? you’re wondering.

A quick anatomy lesson: there’s a thick sheet of tissue that stretches horizontally through the brain, dividing it into a top and a bottom. The sheet is called the tentorium.

Ms. Jeanne Louise Calment, the oldest person who ever lived

by Kim Rosenthal, MD

If you google “oldest person who ever lived,” you’ll meet Jeanne Louise Calment. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

According to Wikipedia, Calment was a spicy, enthused, happy soul who liked port and ate two pounds of chocolate/week. She led a very active life. She took up fencing at 85. She was still riding bicycles at 100. At 114 years of age, she starred in the film Vincent and Me (1990). She smoked until 120 years, and she only quit because she couldn’t find her cigarettes. She was witty right up…

Exploring your story
(and the rhino in the room)
through imagery

The Predicament

Sometimes your life is so close to you that you can’t see a thing. There are too many alarms, calendars, schedules, and deadlines. Time runs by at a furious rate, with cell phones and work and Sunday nights in front of the TV taking up so much of your existence that… well, it’s impossible to step aside and say, “What’s really going on?”

There’s a problem, but you think it’s your imagination. At times it’s a tickle, a flicker, a blurred feeling or slight shadow of movement and nothing more. A problem isn’t real until it exists.

At times you…

April 16, 2019 By Kim Rosenthal, MD

Dr. Rosenthal and her cowriters regret to inform viewers that this post doesn’t come with ostriches.

Let us explain. We wanted this to be a fabulous post, something worthy of your appreciation and love, and we knew just how to get it. We had plans. We had pictures, boxes, jokes, quizzes, and content. We had our pages Search-Engine Optimized. Our title ranked high in the “how to get people’s attention” category. We included a number! We had everything.

As for music, the page would come with a vivid and stagey soundtrack, something guttural…

Kim Rosenthal

Dr. Kim Rosenthal practices psychiatry at a state facility in North Carolina.

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