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As a pro-life woman, I would have to agree with much of your article. This is what really disturbs me about many pro-lifers. Its just about a cause and about saving a life. And then they often do exactly what you said. Act like they don’t care what happens afterwards. Its sad. But many more of us are not like that. Many more of us are the people who are in the trenches helping those mothers and their babies AFTER birth. We are the ones who are handing out food and providing shelter to the homeless. We are the ones who are working in a crisis pregnancy center providing the exact same services except abortion as planned parenthood but without a spec of government funding and 100% for free to the woman in need. We are the ones who are buying clothing and school supplies for those who can’t afford them. I am a bit perplexed though as to why you think when a baby is given up for adoption that he or she becomes a foster child. That is something else entirely. There are hundreds of thousands of well-off people who cannot or choose not to have a child of their own who desperately wish someone would let them adopt their baby. When a child is in foster care, he or she was usually taken away from his or her parents for horrendous reasons, and is not adoptable until the parents give up rights or the state severs the parents’ rights…which can take years. When a child is adopted, he or she is welcomed into a forever family and becomes of one of their own. Oh, and by the way, many pro-lifers ARE also the people who are providing loving foster care homes for children who have gotten the raw end of life…generally paying out of their own pocket because the government stipend to foster care families is not enough to cover all that a child needs, and basically bending over backwards to love a child who will likely never be their own.