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Oct 7 · 2 min read

Weight. Always such a big deal. I don’t say it to be snarky or anything, just saying it because it’s such a huge part of our lives when really, why? Society conditions us to believe it so and that’s irritating, isn’t it? At the end of the day, it’s only if we’re unhealthy, letting it build, and doing nothing about it that it truly proves to be a major problem. This was a great article.

Personal experience — I have been on all sides of this. For me, I experienced the judgment for LOSING the weight. Overweight and miserable, unhealthy? Oh fine fine. When I committed to changing my life and losing it when I couldn’t even run up the stairs without being out of breath? HORRIBLE. I can’t tell you how many people actually nitpicked me for working out (they’d see me walking through my neighborhood — also for a stress reliever), tell me I had lost enough, and the major support came from a woman who’d seen me AFTER my weight loss. She looked at me as if I should be in a hospital and asked me if I was okay. I brought her Christmas cookies and those were the first words out of her mouth. She thought I was on drugs. These are the same few people who are no longer a part of my life for that reason. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, society wants to tell you (and some not nice individuals) that it’s wrong. Thin? Wrong. Fat? Wrong. Working out to lose it? Wrong. Not? Wrong. smh

Having been overweight, I look in the mirror and I still see “fat.” It’s hard to change the view we have ourselves, just as much as it is to take the weight off. One thing I’ve learned is that our bodies all have “happy weight.” Mine is about 145–150. No matter HOW much I work it off, no matter HOW much I do, my body creeps into that range and likes to hang there. Others thing I’m MUCH lighter than I am, haha. But if we’re doing okay at the weight we are, if we’re not dying to walk up stairs, and if we’re happy there? THAT is the weight we should be at and nobody else can tell us what that is. I stopped focusing on scale, and now focus on inches. Muscle weighs more so I’ll never be “tiny,” by certain standards. I prefer strong. :) Yoga has been the best thing for me for that reason. It helps me to appreciate what my body can do. To heal pain. To strengthen and tighten. Not the fancy hot yoga or anything. Basic yoga.

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