Most people still cling to the quaint idea that Wall Street’s job is to make you money. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most investments.. and most investment advice, is designed to make the person selling it rich. Not you.

I was reminded of this by two different questions I received from Mastermind Members, within the last few weeks.

One was asking my opinion on some newsletter advice that, to those who understand basic finance and investing, can only be a blatant, bald-faced ploy to take money for bad advice from people who don’t know better.

The other was asking what you look for, or how you choose a trustworthy, competent financial advisor. …

Note to readers: The following pertains to investing in general… Not just cryptocurrency. I promise. So don’t bail on me if you are not in bitcoin.

I got this email a few days ago, from Cissie. She says:

“Ugh! I bought bitcoin very near the top this time last year. My fiancé and family all thought I was being foolish. I was convinced I would totally prove them wrong when my genius investment made me a millionaire. My dad keeps quoting an article that says Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon have the last laugh on cryptocurrency and is telling me…

This week we are going to go back to the podcast listener mailbag for an Ask Kim question. Dini asks:

“What is the biggest mistake that you have made as an investor? What advice would you give to an investor like me to avoid making the same mistake?”

For me, this one is really easy… I literally wrote a book about it, called How to Be the Family CFO: Four Simple Steps to Putting Your Financial House in Order.

Last night, I couldn’t bear to watch any more mid-term election prognosticating. So I decided to be productive and watch a movie instead.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself, how on earth was watching a movie being productive?

The Big Short is based on a book, by author Michael Lewis, of Blind Side and Money Ball fame, both of which I love!

But many may not know his first book, Liar’s Poker, was based on his year’s as a bond salesman, at Salomon Brothers, during the late- 1980s.

That book featured, very prominently, Lewis Ranieri, considered the father of the mortgage-backed securities… the same mortgage-backed securities that later almost caused the collapse of the world’s…

Amid all the destruction left when Hurricane Michael came ashore at Mexico Beach, Florida, one home was left standing, seemingly unscathed, while everything around it was leveled.

Although it is known as The Sand Palace of Mexico Beach, the press dubbed it “The Hurricane House.”

The reason it survived is… it was meant to.

It was built to withstand not just 150 mile per hour winds… but 250 mile per hour winds!

No one knows what will happen, but the Fed reversing a historically long period of artificially depressed interest rates is probably a good time to brush up on your risk management.

I don’t know about you but I have found the last few weeks to be somewhat unsettling.

In addition to what feels to me like social tensions among us approaching some sort of boiling point, we have:

✓ Massive job losses and dislocation coming from AI and automation

✓ A bull market in stocks that is 10 years old, created by artificially low inflation rates

✓ A reckoning of under-funded pension obligations and rising healthcare costs looming

✓ A $21 trillion U.S. national debt that can only be met by printing more money

I am normally an optimist. So I…

I think one the biggest deterrents for people new to cryptocurrency is the first question they find themselves asking: How do you buy bitcoin?

I’m going to do my best to demystify the process and help you see that it isn’t nearly as foreign as it may at first seem.

In fact, it’s a lot like stocks:

With stocks, you transfer your money from your bank account to a brokerage firm. Through that brokerage account, you do all of your investing, trading, and managing. When you’re ready, you pull the money back into your bank account.

The process for purchasing and trading cryptocurrency follows the same basic…

I was being interviewed on Jordan Goodman’s Money Answers podcast the other day, and he asked me what makes Sane Crypto sane?

The answer is that Sane Crypto is about stripping away the emotions, ignoring our prehistoric Lizard Brains, and making decisions based on probability and logic rather than fear, greed and ego.

To understand why I think Bitcoin is not only a good investment but an essential investment, you have to understand how I think about investing.

My starting premise is that I HAVE to invest. Everyone does.

I just saw an article, “Postcrisis, wary investors miss out on…

We invest with our prehistoric lizard brains and our lizard brains see bitcoin as super high risk.

I have been working on an article I am pitching to a major publication about Baby Boomers investing in cryptocurrency.

For background, I asked my email list…

“If you aren’t invested in cryptocurrency, but you are interested enough to be on my list and reading my emails, what is holding you back?”

Most answers were variations of it’s too volatile, unfamiliar, not mainstream, used by criminals, going to be shut down by the government, subject to hacking or theft, etc.

Warren Buffett’s partner…

Kim Snider

Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Host of The SANE CRYPTO Podcast, Fmr Invmt Advisor, Financial Engineer, Educator, Author & Speaker. Find me @

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