Scientist Mary Hagedorn is racing to save marine life through cryobiology

For six weeks over this past summer, Mary Hagedorn waited on the island of Curaçao for the one night a year that elkhorn coral — a large branching coral that resembles elk antlers — spawn. Finally, as summer spilled into September, the environmentally threatened coral released vast clouds of egg…

Great Escape

Inside the race to save endangered wildlife in Hawaii amid the growing threat of climate-related storms

Water and ice are two common staples in most hurricane preparedness kits. Fungus is not.

In the face of advancing hurricane winds of 125 miles per hour, the Snail Extinction Prevention Program (SEPP) in Hawaii evacuated its field lab on Aug. 23. They placed 80 terrariums housing 2,000 rare Hawaiian…

Kim Steutermann Rogers

I am a writer covering science nature in Hawaii. Currently, I’m working with Kauai Invasive Species Committee to save ohia, Hawaii’s native tree.

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