Creating Stickers and iMessages Apps in iOS 10 Using Swift 3

This course is about learning to create Stickers and iMessages Applications in iOS 10 Using Swift 3.0. The course is accompanied with sample projects ready to run on your simulators and or devices. I have designed the course to be appropriate length so that we can cover all the important topics of creating stickers and iMessage applications.

The course starts with the basic concepts around the iMessages applications. Next the course shows how to create Stickers app in less than 30 seconds as well as customizing the Stickers app using Swift 3.0 code. Next we jump into the RSVP application where the student will learn how to create iMessages App which can share information between the sender and receiver.

Stickers and iMessages apps are the new hot category in the Apple App Store. Not only that but the top paid apps currently on the App Store also belong to the iMessages category. If you wanted to get featured on the App Store, stickers and iMessages app are your best bet.

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Link full application course:
Creating Stickers and iMessages Apps in iOS 10 Using Swift 3