Mastering Node.js: Nodejs Development from Scratch

Ready to dive into Node.js? This open-source, event-driven runtime for developing web applications on a variety of platforms is taking the programming community by storm

Part 1: Introduction to Node.js

Explore important Node.js concepts, and see how to install it, how to manage packages with Node Package Manager (npm), and how to debug Node.js applications. Take a look at the Node REPL environment, build a simple web server, learn about file I/O, and even debug Node applications. Plus, see lots of demos in this practical and foundational course.

Part 2: Node.js Modules

See why modules are an important part of Node.js (hint: they facilitate code reuse). Get the details on what modules are, how they’re written, and how they’re imported and exported. Take a deep dive into Node.js modules and module patterns, and see demos on how to transpile ES2015 modules with Babel. Dive into this course, and explore the critical concepts that Node.js developers must know.

Learn about modules, which are an important part of Node.js because they facilitate code reuse. Find out what modules are, how they’re written, and how they’re imported and exported, and more.

Part 3: Node.js Files, Streams, and Buffers

Explore building real apps with Node.js, and learn how to work with files, streams, and buffers. Take a look at the relevant APIs, and see how they are used to build cutting-edge applications.

Part 4: Node.js Packages

Find out about Node.js package installation, uninstallation, versioning, updating, linking, unlinking, and publishing. See lots of demos, including installing packages, updating npm, and setting the configuration, among many others. Learn all there is to know about Node.js packages and package management!

Part 5: Node.js Express REST Services

Learn how to configure routers, extract URL parameters, work with request-body data, and authenticate callers. See demos on creating a Hello World express REST service, configuring a router, passport authentication, and more. Don’t miss it!

Part 6: Node.js Express Web Applications

Learn how the Express Web application framework provides the building blocks you need to create scalable web apps with Node.js

Part 7: Building Desktop Apps with Node.js and Electron

Learn how Node.js can be used to build cross-platform client applications that run on the desktop, in addition to applications that run on the server. See how, with Electron, those desktop apps can be as rich as native apps. Add React and TypeScript to the mix, and you have a robust toolset for creating desktop apps that run everywhere. See lots of demos, and get practical tips you can use right away!

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Mastering Node.js: Nodejs Development from Scratch


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