An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Some advice…not that you’ll likely listen, but as a “cliche” teacher, I’m used to it. You have to pay your dues like everyone else. I used to work THREE jobs in addition to teaching full time. I sold a lot of items I didn’t need and created my own business selling items I would handcraft to get by along with donating plasma and recycling cans. I lived with FOUR other girls and ate only pasta, cheap plain pasta. Did I even OWN a phone? Nope. No internet either nor tv. I did not open a credit card per my parents advice, which was the smartest decision I made. It was tough, scary and unpredictable, but I WORKED my butt off and figured it out. Something I fear as a teacher I no longer see in these young new kids entering the work world. Everything is “give me money” or “I deserve a brand new ridiculous phone.” There is no “what can I do to make it?” Instead you turn to social media for hand outs and these “fund me pages” meant for people with real struggles and issues. I feel sorry for you, truly, but perhaps it is time you re-evaluated your priorities and you know what? We teachers have holidays and weekends off too, plus a little something called summer. We all make choices so choose differently instead of whining to the world about it.

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