“Because it was there…”

Kendall Mountain Road is one of my favorite training grounds. As a crow flies, 13,o66 feet in elevation Kendall Mountain is only about 200 meters from my front door, but due to rapidly-running South Mineral Creek, one must travel a bit over a mile on Jeep roads to reach the base.

Eight summits of this steep, somewhat technical road/ trail/ boulder scramble have taught me a lot about respecting the mountain, every mountain. The mountain always wins…the best we as humans can hope for is to compete with honor and enjoy the immense natural wonder that is every mountain. Risk is inherent, but stupidity is unwarranted and could result in injury, becoming lost, or even death.

Wildlife sightings are common on KMR and I’ve been fortunate enough to observe one Bear, one lynx (both on the same day!), several marmots, numerous types of birds, and have heard coyotes and other strange sounds on the way up and/or down.

My heart and soul are warmed and “healed” with each visit to this majestic mountain, and to any mountain for that matter. I am blessed to live so close to this natural marvel.