Paradise Lost and Young Goodman Brown have a lot of similarities. These two stories have an evil force acting up upon others and on the main characters also. They are stories where the sins that are being committed are just a normal thing. We’re going to view some of them.

The first point that these stories share is the nature of evil. In Paradise Lost, Lucifer’s evil is coming from within him. His problems are personal. Every single act of evil that he is doing is because he feels betrayed because he was kicked out of heaven and then fell down into hell for many days. So now he wants to do something about it. “Of Heav’n receiv’d us falling, and the Thunder, wing’d with red lighting and impetous rage…” (174–175). His war is against God himself.

In Young Goodman Brown, the evil is finding evil in others. In the story, the devil appears. He tempts Mr. Brown to go into the evil side. He tells them that if he’s on the other side, he’ll be able to see everyone’s true colors and their sins. Mr. Brown resists to go into the evil side, his faith is too strong and also his love for his wife, Faith. “With Heaven above and faith below, I will yet stand firm against the devil!” (5). That is until he sees what is going on and who is in the devils ceremony.

The second point is the mentally evil state of the characters. For Lucifer, now evolving into Satan, he becomes scarred from suffering. He is in so much pain after being kicked out of heaven that he is going through a lot of negative emotions. Some being his plans of revenge and having rancor towards God that he damages others with no mercy. “Me miserable! .. So farewel Hope, and with Hope farewel Fear, Farewel Remorse: all Good to me is lost; Evil thou my Good; by thee at least” (73, 108–110). Also, Satan knows that revenge will come back to bite him but he doesn’t care. “ Revenge at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on it self recoiles” (171–172).

For Mr. Brown, he became mentally ill. From everything he went through from going into the woods after he left he got scarred for life and now he disconnects from reality. He wasn’t the same anymore and he definitely didn’t see people or things the same. He wasn’t the good Christian that he once was. “A stern, a sad, a darkly meditative, a distrustful, if not a desperate man did he become from the night of that fearful dream” (9).

The next point is that in both stories, temptation plays a part. In Paradise Lost, it’s with Adam and Eve how everything begins. That was Satan’s’ first step into vengeance. He mentally manipulated Eve and tempted her into eating the apple. Adam and Eve had God’s orders in not eating from the tree of knowledge but Satan changed that. “He ended, and his words replete with guile, Into her heart too easie entrance won” (733–734).

In Young Goodman Brown, the temptation was the ceremony, the people that attended, and the devil himself. During the ritual they tempt Mr. Brown into becoming one of them. They tell him all the “perks” that he is going to have if he decides to turn evil. They want to make him believe that being evil is better and that he is going to be happier and will be able to see evil in others and so on. “Evil is the nature of mankind. Evil must be your only happiness” (8). Mr. Brown didn’t follow through with it but he did get scarred for life from what he went through being there.

Finally, the settings for both stories are different but both contain evil. In Paradise Lost, the setting is hell. Satan is now damned in hell and the thing is now, he wants to escape hell. The problem is that hell is going to follow him everywhere he goes. There is no escaping of hell because he is hell. “Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell” (75). In Young Goodman Brown, the setting is the woods. It’s a stereotypical scary location but it’s significant to the story because everything important happens in the woods.

In conclusion, Paradise Lost and Young Goodman Brown are stories with evil within. Both stories are more similar than different if they’re analyzed. At the end, these two stories are of the lives of two men who have a miserable life forever. Satan and Mr. Brown are both sins to the world.

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