Up until this point, we’ve been running two different blogs: Inside Kin, an insider’s look through progress updates and guest posts from our very own community members, and the Kin Blog, a more official communications channel for announcements and bigger updates. Moving forward, we will be combining these into one blog — the Kin Blog. We’re doing this to organize content in a way where you will be able to find a one-stop-shop for all things Kin.

We are in the process of merging the blogs and will eventually deactivate Inside Kin on September 6.

You can expect the same great material in a more streamlined manner for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve known it from the start, but we needed a stronger way to tap into it…The immense talent, passion, and creativity…it’s beaming from our community from every continent.

The Community Team is in a constant state of brainstorming, ideation, and fruition. It’s what we do best. And one of our most recent brainstorming sessions turned into a beautiful success. We called the artists of our Kin community to step forward, reveal their talents, and get to work.

Our goal: Create a Kin-centric map of the world to track our community.

Our result: A surprising amount of new and old faces…

The Kin Standalone App has been a hot topic around the office these days. Referring to it as “The Standalone App” is almost starting to sound a bit bizarre after so many great, creative names have been voiced out in the open.

Only great ideas filled with ambition, passion, and determination ever truly turn into full fledged decisions. Luckily, this idea is finally becoming a reality.

This reality will start in a beta test, of course. This means we see it as a name in exploration – a title being tested for the masses! …

That’s right, you guessed it! Our last, but certainly not least, Blockchain Team, deserves a round of applause and a proper introduction. We are always excited to share any and all updates about Kin along the way, but we love getting to show-off our geniuses causing mayhem behind the scenes.

The goal of this team is to provide the right blockchain infrastructure to support millions of daily Kin users. The team is basically the base foundation layer, which includes features and systems that are not necessarily glamorous but absolutely necessary. Our blockchain team is focused on: scale, performance, security, decentralisation…

Content invites joy and this joy turns into further ideas, and this chain of reactions is where our world is shifting to.

We speak often about reaching the masses to make Kin the most talked about cryptocurrency in the world. But how do we DO this? What steps are we taking to make this concept a reality? Long-term we have a lot in the works but in the short-term, we are investing our time by observing and getting to know our community members. …

Kin is back at it again!!!

You already know our amazing Standalone App team and Ecosystem team, and it is now time for you to be introduced to the Kin Community team.

The Kin Community team interacts with the Kin community on a regular basis and is in the frontline of all social media outlets.

Please give a warm welcome to the team members:

“I knew right away that Kin was something I had to be a part of because it was the first time a major league company was going all-in on cryptocurrency.”

It’s obvious, our community is the driving force of Kin. Without their voices, conversations would never be sparked, ideas would not come to life, and Kin’s uniqueness would never shine. So, now is time to shed some light on one of our biggest voices in the community: Dillon. He is a constant source of fresh air. …

We are back at it as we introduce the next team in our Kin stratosphere: The Kin Ecosystem. After we revealed to you the faces of our Standalone App team, we dove right in and asked our next group to get creative and pull out all the stops. We even have a few different languages floating around in this introduction post so get your google translate ready as you meet the next integral component of our Kin team!

We, at Kin, believe that the only way to succeed is by doing things together. As we’ve put it in the past — “win together by working together.”

Obviously, our motto tells a lot about the way we work internally, but it also says a thing or two about our entire culture and the way we look at you — our supporters — and your role in this. We feel you’re an integral part of the project and keeping you in the know is key for us. …

“I wanted to do the Wiki mainly because I figured many people would google Kin, and a wiki article would be a good place for them to get a summary of the project”

Returning to us after a phenomenal co-written guest post, we have Alex, a Kinner who believes in the vision of Kin and has a passion to teach the public about all that Kin has to offer. Alex is a crypto enthusiast who has a passion to share the truth and explore projects he sees massive potential in.

Check it out, Alex took it one step further and…

Kin Contributors

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