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In the beginning of March 2020 after returning from a trip from the Northeast of Canada and the United States our team responded to a request from a friend for help to create a webapp. The interface would be an interface to view an existing Python notebook which was tracking the spread of the Coronavirus. At the time, it was starting to gain traction in the West as a real problem. In the beginning just three of us built

Today with the teamfrom Mystic Coders, CIME, and nearly a dozen have helped in some way to add shape…

In order to practice your skills with Python, an exercise is in order. If you haven’t yet set up your environment, read through this simple tutorial before starting this exercise.

Game Rules

There are 2 players. They have 21 matches. At each players turn, they can pick 1, 2 or 3 matches. The winner will have chosen the number of matches which means that the other player will be left with a single match left.

In order to test skills, we’re going to write this 3 different ways, with each increasing a bit of the complexity.

Two player version

  1. Create a Python program that can…

In order to begin programming, you need to setup your environment. We will assume macOS in this tutorial, if only for expedience and I didn’t want to go into detail on any other environments.

Setup a Github account

Navigate over to and signup for an account. Choose a username, enter an email address and password.

You will need an SSH key which is used to authenticate between git on your client, and GitHub, so follow the instructions at After that we’ll upload our public key to GitHub by navigating to Settings -> SSH and GPG Keys and selecting New SSH Key. The…

I scanned my phone to find an electric scooter to ride on my way into the office today. A slight annoyance glazed over my brain upon the realization that rather than it being on the same block as I was, I would be forced to walk several blocks to get one. Scooters are interesting because it kicks you up to a pace of about 10 miles per hour, and allows you to fly past the city streets of San Francisco.

The particular streets that I fly through are not the fanciest streets in this city. There are homeless that dot…

As with most advertisements for health, unrealistic images of you in a Blackbox VR gym

What if your time at the gym felt more like playing a video game; an immersive virtual reality video game than it did the slog it might be currently? Could gamifying and providing a rich world of levels to beat and achievements to gather make working out feel like conquering in Battle Royale?

This past week I decided to test out the Blackbox VR gym while I was up visiting a client in San Francisco.



Just got a call from another parent we’re traveling with, he’ll be arriving to pick us up in a half hour. All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go, the last minute ebooks and movies and TV shows are making their way over the wire to the devices I’ve chosen for us to bring. The steady hum of one of the computers is the white noise of our house and it never sleeps. My mobile pings a few notifications all of them unimportant but I treat them with the deference we all do by looking anyway. I look…

At times you are an open flood of emotion and instinct that could only be quelled by a greater force of attention, praise and love. There were sloth like moments in the evenings or lazy afternoons where nothing could disturb your slumber. We traveled to the edges and back of the far reaches of this city, sometimes with happy greeting for others, and more times than not a grumpy demeanor with reasons you kept close to your chest.

Your ability to outwardly express your dislike of a situation in the most visceral way is to be commended for we all…

I have had this book and previously the movie recommended to me a number of times. It didn’t seem appealing when presented initially but boy was I so very wrong.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

As can be read in the description, the book is about a curmudgeon named Ove. It’s set in Sweden where I would imagine during the winters you’d almost have to be a curmudgeon to survive. If you were to write a story about the old man who sits on his porch and says “Get Off My Lawn!” but with heart, this would be the story you would write.

Ove has…

Photo by coconinoco

After two years of owning an electric car, I thought I might share a story of my first week with one.

The decision to purchase an electric vehicle came due to an upcoming end of an existing lease and a drive to try something new. It was around a 3 month process of research and decision making before settling on the car I own today. Right now, with the ever growing selection of electric car models out there, it doesn’t seem as crazy as it did two years ago. When I was looking, it really was crazy. …

I am so glad I picked this book up as one of the first. The story is set in a future where an alien race who we’ve battled before is likely going to strike back. Government agencies decide to breed child geniuses and train them as soldiers. The aliens are called “the Buggers” and children are monitored in early life to assess their viability as soldiers in this future war. Commanders are looking for their perfect general to lead the people of Earth in this future war against the aliens, is Ender that kid?

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

I have been a big fan…

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