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Read 100 Books in 2018

I’ve been spending time cleaning house all day today. One of the items in need of organization, is the amount of books I’ve acquired over the years. I’ve sorted them into piles now, some that will be donated to the local library, some that I have an intention to read at some point but no drive to do so right now, and the rest are, well, part of the 100. This is my New Years resolution.

So my dedication to myself, to my mind, to the world at large, is to read 100 books in 2018.

If the average book is about 250 pages, that’s 25,000 pages in a year. While my son and I were in Costa Rica this past summer, he read over 4,000 pages in 4 weeks. So while this is a stretch for me, it is completely achievable given some concerted effort, and an absence of mindless Netflix.

The list isn’t quite done yet, so I’m soliciting ideas from friends and readers on what to add to this list. And if you’d like to join me, I’d love to chat about them as we dive through them. I’ll be tracking using Goodreads and the bookshelf will be 100 Books in 2018 bookshelf.

  • Average book size is expected to be 300 pages
  • 100 books would be roughly equivalent to 30,000 pages read for the year, and any book less or more will count toward the total, so the end count may be less than 100, or more, but it will be at least 30,000 pages.
  • Audiobooks are perfectly legitimate and count toward the total.
  • If I’ve gotten through at least a quarter of a book and decide it isn’t worth finishing it, it will count toward the goal and receive a review.
  • Every book will come with a review of varying length.

The List

This post will be updated as new books make the list. I’ve linked to the books on Amazon with an affiliate link on them.

If you’re a Goodreads member, find me on there and you can follow along with my 100 Books in 2018 bookshelf.

What book should I add to this list for 2018?

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