Dillard and Xavier Universities Impossible Ask

Photo Credit: Dillard University

Dillard & Xavier University presidents have urged students to join them in COVID-19 vaccine trials. That’s the headline. And while I can admire the administrative leaders who’ve graciously included themselves within this Herculean style task, my initial thoughts are: “Too soon, don’t do it. Reconsider, read some literature on the subject…”

The numbers are rolling in and we’re starting to see the demographics relating to the fatalities of Covid 19 patients. Many have called out this premise, but it bares constant repeating. Black, Brown, and poor folks are the most impacted. The CDC states…

A bright red poster with the phrase: Trust Black Women
A bright red poster with the phrase: Trust Black Women
Photo Credit: Northwestern Progressive Institute

Joe Biden finally made the call we’ve all been desperately waiting for. Former Attorney General and Senator Kamala Harris has formally been counted as his Vice President pick (deep sigh). The senator has long been a fan-favorite for many folks since she quit her own presidential bid. Yet, there are many pundits suggesting there is a significant mistrust in Harris’ leadership and fortitude.

Photo Credit: Eudaimonia & Co

This rage you are witnessing isn’t singular. This rage isn’t just about George, Breonna, or Ahmaud. The rage you are witnessing isn’t ours alone.

· We are screaming aloud the rage of every enslaved parent who watched their children being carried away.

· We are weeping for every enslaved woman who did not have enough sustenance left from her bosom to feed her own babies.

· We are shouting NO for every enslaved person whose body was entered without their knowledge and consent.

· We are lighting the fires on the cabin where our bodies have been split in two…

Recently, Joe Biden stated during an interview on The Breakfast Club, “…if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” The backlash was immediate, as many questioned the impacts of the ill-conceived joke on his presidential campaign. While the impact of this gaffe is yet to be determined we know this faux pas is a departure from our contemporary readings of Biden as one of the “good guys.” Biden has managed to brand himself as a black-friendly politician along the likes of Ole Abe himself. For some Biden may very well…

Kina Reed

Critical Black Feminist scholar and community advocate

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