“…But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

I’m imagining how many people know this verse? It’s so true. Why sometimes telling our most secrets from life to our friends is easier than telling to our relatives?

Why are we scared to tell “stuffs” to our parents, brothers and sisters?

Friends are really precious, a gift from God. Sometimes I overthink how my parents or elder people used to keep in touch with their friends. Maybe they have waited seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS to see each other? And do you know what’s the funny? This kind of friendship is so lasting.

Think about nowadays. How many apps do we have to communicate with our friends from everywhere around the world? Nevertheless, we don’t. We feel lazy, we feel ungrateful, we feel thankless. Why?

I always try to keep in touch with my “good old fellas”. It doesn’t matter the distance, the time zone, the missing. We are always helping and supporting each other. DO CRAZY THINGS: travel to see your friends, call to them, text them whenever you want, keep them updated from everything and show your love to them!

As long as you increase your love to your friends, I totally bet that you will increase your love to your relatives. And, at the end, friends will be family, or family will be friends? :)

Don’t be shy. Open your heart and show your love!

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