Don’t grow up

Kids… Why they are always pure, transparent, authentic and bright?

It’s always really wonderful to remember the good old days, when we didn’t have a lot of concerns, stress, responsibilities and limits. Children are not aware of their limits, they don’t know what their body can do. That’s because they risk and expose yourself without fear, everytime and everywhere.

  • Live intensely without regrets;
  • Push everything to the absolute limit;
  • Start to make your own decisions.

Yesterday, I read this three topics in a book. I realized it was a message to the kids. But, it sounds for adult people too, isn’t it?

  • Childhood it’s the period when kids must discover yourself.

I do agree with this sentence. But, aren’t we discovering ourselves in every moment? Regardless if we are young, adult or elder.

Everyday, living our stressful lives, we try to find a way to relax, forget our problems and enjoy our lives. Some people like to read… Some to exercise… Some to listen to music… Some to play games… Some to ride a bike… Always to have the same sensation when you were younger, no?

(To live intensely without regrets… Push everything to the absolute limit… Start to make your own decisions…)

Everyone has this ‘childhood’ spirit within your heart. Even when we become older, because when we get older, we always want more… And more… And more until the day we haven’t lived intensely… Pushing ourselves to the limit… And made our decisions by yourself.

You will grow up, you will maturate. But you will always have this ‘childhood’ spirit within you.


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