Negative perspective?

Homo sapiens… man, girl?

Since decades ago, man always have done a lot of wrong things. War, corruption, power, wealth, welfare, love?

Everyone just look for yourselves. Do you think you have a lot of friends, colleagues whom care about you?

Society has done a brainwash on our minds. Everyone from every country wants everything quickly, super fast. Friends, work, consumer goods, love… Always replaceable. Don’t you think?

It happens, it’s okay. It’s our lives. It’s our perspective. Since things started to get crazy, people always wait the worst result in everything. No?

Life is all about perspective, negative is a choice. Maybe is true, or maybe not?

Choice can be define as fantastic or excelent. So why negative?

Negative is just a imagination invented from a bad guy who wanted to destroy humanity dreams.

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