Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

Next time please spare us all of the gloating, victorious lecture dripping in condescension. Not everyone ignored the emails. Reading them doesn’t make you special or more intelligent than the rest of us. The primaries weren’t stolen — more people voted for Clinton, not Bernie. Clinton received more votes in the primaries than Trump, if you’ll remember. A lot of people believed in her devotion to public service, her message of inclusion, and her ability to be an effective president. I voted for Bernie in the primaries, but when it became clear he wasn’t an option, I went with the candidate whose views on issues such as social equality, climate change, and human decency more closely aligned with my own.

Congrats on your reliance on alternative news sources. I suppose you deserve a cookie for that? I also consumed plenty of alternative media this year, especially surrounding Trump. I understand the rage about job losses over a shifting economy, the changing industrial workforce, and technological boom that has destroyed careers and left so many disillusioned. The financial system that’s out of control. The desire to put America first. All that is understandable.

Were those the most prominent messages Trump supporters were pushing, it would have made a lot more sense. You know what I more commonly saw from Trump supporters? White supremacist Pepe the Frog memes. Horrific propaganda about immigrants and minorities. Trump supporters calling people kikes, cunts, and faggots all over social media. T-shirts emblazoned with “Trump That Bitch” at rallies. Any sexual assault accuser of Trump being immediately attacked and discredited. The notion that white people own this country and that anyone with an ounce of pigment in their skin deserves to be kicked out or degraded. You conveniently ignore all these elements in your argument, but it’s something we all have to live with now.

If you think this election was all about disenfranchised American workers vs. a corrupt political establishment, then it’s you who has been ignoring reality.

Trump is not a New York Democrat in Republican clothing. He has no specific policy positions, except whatever aligns with his self-interests at the moment. If you’re still “unsure” of Trump right now, that’s on you, and I hope you enjoy the four years of the president you helped elect.

Chiding people who disagree with you for this loss while ending with a message of unity is rich.