You are not alone! Happy Birthday to my father! This is the only picture I have of him and I together. I never got a chance to get to know him but I am proud to carry his name and live the life he never had a chance to enjoy! My father didn’t live to be 22 his dad didn’t live to be 32. At 40 my life and health is a blessing! I never take that for granted. Each day I am grateful to be alive! Each day I strive to live the life, joy, happiness and dreams my father never got to experience! I am a Victor! Thinking of you in heaven today! I hope my work and life makes you proud! I have felt you alot the past few days and I know you are cheering for me as I battle certain things. I hope people take depression and unexplained sadness serious and get some help and know they aren’t alone! I hope people get less judgemental when others share emotions and anxiety and lead them to healthy habits with unconditional love. I hope people drop the bad habits that numb the pain of their past and and current struggles and feel what they need to feel and heal what they need to heal through prayer, working out, healthy living, gratitude, personal development, self love and positive action. If you read this all the way through I appreciate you! Thank you for being in my life and loving me for me. That’s all my father ever wanted and may we pay that gesture forward to others who feel unloved and unseen. Thank you for that! Thank you for you! P.S Love you some you! See you soon! ❤ #youarenotalone

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