Ubeer Naqushbandi, a reporter at the Kashmir Reader talks about the ordeal of how a ban order disturbed the peace and tranquility of a young reporter like him

It was a few days ago when the newspaper Kashmir Reader, for which I work as a reporter, was banned by the government. On Friday at around 6 pm, I had collected all the necessary details for a story I was working on. After meeting a journalist friend at the city’s center Lal Chowk, while I headed towards my office at Batamaloo to file my day’s story, a man seemingly in late thirties, wearing a white shirt and black jeans, stopped me near Lambert Lane.

“Aren’t you are Ubeer Naqushbandi, reporter with the Kashmir Reader? Well! You write good stories,” said the man and offered me to have a cup of tea. I thanked him for his gesture and told him that I was in a hurry due to my deadline. I thought that the man would be an avid reader of the paper and the stories published in it. Read more

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