“Let’s Dance”

A couple of weeks ago (on 7th February), I attended the first CS Presents event of 2017 last night and it was all about Creative Super Powers at the DigitasLBi UK HQ in London. Here’s a blurb about this Creative Social (CS) event from their Eventbrite page:

… In this CS Presents our speakers will be talking about the super powers which they believe represent a modern skill set for creative problem-solving. Powers which will help you re-learn essential traits often forgotten from childhood such as adaptability, curiosity, empathy and fearlessness. The super powers of Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving. Expect to come away from this session inspired to develop your own super powers further in 2017 and to become a superhero in this new age of Creativity.

And indeed, I was utterly inspired. The event kicked off with a kickass warm up from James Kirk (Global Projects Director of Creative Social) and then an excellent introduction (from the night’s host Daniele Fiandaca (Founder of Mutant, Co-Founder of Creative Social & Innovation Social, and Editor & Contributing Author of Creative Super Powers). After Daniele, four fantastic speakers of the super powers in question–Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving–ignited us.

Below is what these speakers elaborated on during the event:

HACKER–Nicole Yershon (Founder of Innovation people): 
There is a new hacker culture developing which goes far beyond the stereotype of a computer hacker. People with the hacker super power simply enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming the limitations of systems to achieve novel and creative solutions. They understand that making lots of small changes, testing and learning as you go along, can be far more effective than big solutions which take time and can be burdened with the process and sign off.
MAKER–Laura Jordan Bambach (Co-Founder of SheSays and Cannt Festival, Former President 2013–2014 of D&AD, and Chief Creative Officer at Mr President):
Where does the new become tangible? Real? Who sets the vision of the future for others to follow? The British poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy (and Willy Wonka) once said ‘We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams’. It’s the experimentation, practical knowledge and the happy accidents of Maker that conceives of and breathes life into new ideas.
Laura will look at the Maker mindset, and how it propels creativity forward; from an incredible craft to skunkworks, to what we can learn from the world of invention.
TEACHER–Scott Morrison (Co-Founder of ThinkSprint):
‘To teach thyself one must learn by doing.’
A profound statement — but it’s not one that I found and translated from Ancient Greek or Latin. It’s something that is clearly etched in a generation of people hungry, not to engage in the classic paradigm of classroom teaching, but the endless curiosity of self-exploration; it is a passion for constantly growing and learning through personal experimentation.
Scott will explore this interesting shift from the passive ‘teacher’ definition to a dynamic, self-driven and highly active expression.
THIEF–Mark Earls (Herdmeister at Herd Consultancy):
Our ability to copy is probably the most important superpower we have inherited from our human predecessors. It means we don’t have to store information or know-how within our individual skills but use the brains of others to do so — to outsource the cognitive load. Like all superpowers, it can be utilised for good or ill but not to use it at all — or not to acknowledge it is both dishonest to ourselves, our inheritance and our world. When used well, copying is the way to create new ideas and things, faster, better and with more fun.

If you’re interested, here is the full deck from the night with all the speakers’ decks for your review too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the night. My mind has been completely blown away. I’m still buzzing. I cannot get the whole experience out of my head, and now I want to be a creative superhero myself. So much so, I designed this pieced of art below in Ai that I might do something more with:

I very much look forward to working with Creative Social and these superheroes to push this further in this new age of creativity. Cheers Daniele and Creative Social for the invite! I will keep you posted about more on this in the future.

ALSO, above is a cheeky photo of me with Daniele and James after the event as well. YES: that is an actual gold tie I’m wearing, which is corrugated not a printed design — I just love to shake things up, and I don’t do a thing called a “dress code!”Let’s do this, as a new age of creativity awaits. Watch this space.ONWARDS and UPWARDS.

Listening to “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie

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