How to avoid scams during our token sale

At Kinesis, our commitment to creating a revolutionary monetary system based on a 1:1 allocation of precious metals is unwavering. This is what drives our focus and desire to protect everyone interested in our token sale.

The information in this article is presented to protect you from the activity of scammers as we get ready for the Kinesis initial token offering (ITO), which launched yesterday (September 10, 2018). Please take the next few minutes to read through this post.

The global emergence of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has opened a new window through which scammers can extort money. Most of the identified scams are built around email address counterfeiting, website cloning and substitution of ETH contribution addresses. To avoid these scams and fraudulent activities, we must all remain alert, so we’ve provided some recommendations to arm you with best practices for beating the scammers.

The Kinesis token sale has a contribution address, and this will be only become available once you apply online and complete KYC. Those who have expressed an interest in the token sale will receive the relevant link in their inbox.

Beat the Scams

It is recommended that you bookmark the Kinesis website on your web browser/s and always visit Kinesis via your bookmark. This will help you to avoid mistyping our URL and ensure that you avoid any cloned websites that provide fraudulent contribution addresses. The only real Kinesis website is

Results like,, or can can be misleading. In the two examples provided, notice the ‘.co’ and ‘.io’. Kinesis is misspelled with an ‘e’ and has a ‘.com’ domain in the third website. These are all incorrect. Please be sure to only use:

Ensure that you don’t click on a URL without double-checking its authenticity and stick to bookmarks; unless you are clicking from one of our official social media channels, listed below.

Official Kinesis social media channels:




Bitcoin Talk:;topicseen





Twitter: and





This article is a reference material you can always check out in future. So, why not bookmark it now!

Social media posts

Our contribution address is not posted on social media or on community pages. So if you see a contribution address for Kinesis on social media, it is fraudulent.

Some scammers claim to be team members on Telegram and other channels, in order to deceive others.

The official Kinesis team Telegram handles are:











The official admins of the Kinesis Telegram are:





Fraudsters now send emails that show Kinesis in the ‘sender’ field. These emails are not from us. The only email address structure we use is:

Do not be satisfied with ‘’ appearing on the sender’s address line- check for spelling errors or differences.

Let us know

If you come across anything strange in you emails, kindly reach out to us via email (, or via PM on Facebook, Telegram, or Twitter.

Avoiding scammers does not require much from you. Continue to be vigilant, double-check emails and URLs and follow the guidelines specified above.

We look forward to seeing you participate in our token sale and we wish you a fraud-free investing experience.

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