KCX Launch Update

The KCX Mint will soon be open to our KVT holders, bringing into existence the Kinesis gold and silver based currencies, KAU and KAG.
 As you will be aware, we have been preparing to launch according to our timeline on the 25th March. We have been conducting extensive testing of our systems and the team at Kinesis are proud to be delivering what we believe is the future of money. 
 With this in mind, we must advise that during the final stage of systems testing of the KCX, we have identified areas that will require minor upgrades so that we can deliver a Kinesis Monetary System that is stable, transparent and secure. 
 These upgrades and final testing will take an additional week, meaning that the Kinesis Mint will be online from Tuesday 2nd April 2019, subject to successful implementation and testing of these upgrades.
 Trust and transparency are at the core of the Kinesis ethos and we aim to deliver every component of the Kinesis Monetary System at the pinnacle of quality, which is why this slight delay is necessary. 
 This slight delay, due to our system upgrades, has not affected our subsequent launch timelines.
 We would like to share a full walkthrough video of the minting process as it will be upon launch.


The entire team at Kinesis thanks you for your understanding and ongoing support of this revolutionary project. We remain available to answer any questions or concerns.
 Best regards, 
 The Kinesis Team