Kinesis announces North Block Capital as new investor and advisor

Kinesis Money
Apr 24 · 2 min read

Kinesis is pleased to announce North Block Capital as an investor in the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) and an advisor to the Kinesis Money project.

North Block Capital is a fund which principally invests in the highest quality, private sale ICOs. Historic investments include Enigma, Filecoin, Blockstack, Origin, Tari, SFox, Hashgraph, and Republic.

“We are delighted to be advisor and investor in Kinesis. The project is a valuable addition to our portfolio, we expect strong demand for the platform. We look forward to working with Kinesis to help them grow globally.”

- Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of North Block Capital.

Kinesis has also been invited to present to North Block’s institutional and HNW investor network at the beginning of May where we are pleased to present not only the KVT offer but to also have the opportunity to showcase our Kinesis Mint, which is now live and receiving good coverage within the precious metals and cryptocurrency markets.

Kinesis Money

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