Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX) Now Live!

We are proud to announce the launch of the Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX), also known as the Kinesis Mint. The KCX is a powerful platform which allows users to create (mint) Kinesis digital currencies; KAU & KAG.

Features of the KCX:

· Create new Kinesis currencies — Mint KAU (1 KAU = 1 gram gold) and KAG (1 KAG = 1 ounce silver) into existence; digital gold and silver.

· Store, send and receive Kinesis currencies — Transact between Kinesis eWallets instantly, enabling cross border transactions with low fees.

· Zero storage fees on gold and silver bullion — Kinesis rewards depositors with an additional KVT for transferring bullion holdings into the system.*

· Yield exposure — Kinesis Minters will receive ongoing minter yields for creating and using Kinesis currencies.

We have created a series of videos and detailed step by step guides to assist you along the way as you begin minting your own digital currencies.

*Subject to terms

The user interface for the Kinesis eWallet.

Initial Minting Offer (IMO) Bonus Period

The IMO period runs from 2nd April to 30th June, 2019. Take advantage of this limited time offer which provides a 3x multiplier effect to the Kinesis Currencies you mint when calculating your proportional entitlement to the 5% of transaction fees allocated to the Minter’s Yield pool.

If you have existing bullion you are storing with another approved provider, we have you covered. If your costs of transfer are US$1,000 or more, provide us with the invoice and we will give you 1 KVT*.
*Subject to terms

US Participation in Initial Minting Offer

Kinesis engages with U.S. counsel on the classification and interpretation of all of its products and services.

While we remain confident in our internal position that KAU and KAG fall outside of traditional financial securities legislation with the U.S., the blockchain and digital asset industries remain developing areas of law which warrant additional due diligence and research.

To this end, we are awaiting final feedback from external counsel on this position and as a result, we have conservatively opted to temporarily delay the Initial Minting Offer to U.S. citizens and residents until such time as this feedback is received.

Updates To Website

We’ve built some exciting new web pages around the launch of the KCX to help educate users on the minting process.

Here are some useful links to help you navigate the recent changes to our site:

Remember, as the system grows and velocity is generated, your fee sharing yields stand to grow in line with Kinesis.

We are excited to invite you to participate at the beginning, of what we hope will be an exciting evolution in how the world secures their wealth.

Welcome to the future of money