Inspiring Stories — Part 1

A push. Who has never heard a story of people in the most adverse situations and who after receiving a “small push” managed to totally change their reality. Let us present here some of these stories of solidarity, overcoming and inspiration.

Jean-Marie Roughol — from begging in Paris to bestselling author:

Jean lived on the streets of Paris for 27 years. He was begging on the Champs-Élysées avenue near the Arc de Triomphe, when Jean-Louis Debré, a former interior minister and former president of the National Assembly of France, arrived by bicycle.

He says he was taking care of the politician’s bicycle and while they were talking they overheard someone saying something about Jean-Louis being talking to a beggar. Bothered by the contemptuous tone of the comment, the former minister reacts in an unexpected way stating that Roughol has many more stories to tell than those people and proposes that he write a book about his life.

Summarizing the story, Jean-Marie wrote the book entitled Je tape la manche: Une vie dans la rue ( which can be purchased here), which sold 50,000 copies. After receiving the royalties for the book he bought his own apartment and left the streets. Roughol made his New Year resolution some time ago. It was never to return to the streets. He intends to keep it.

We will work to make our platform a boost in the lives of many people just as Jean-Louis went to Roughol.

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