Project III: Style

There is no question that football is the most popular sport right now, closely followed by basketball, and then baseball. These high energy, adrenaline inducing, heart pounding games easily grab the attention and interest of even the most minor of sports enthusiasts. Most would swear up and down that one of these three sports is the best sport. Yet, like the majority of my last eighteen years on this Earth, I have to go against the grain and say that I outrageously disagree. The greatest sport to ever be played by man involves no adrenaline, no hard hitting, and unfortunately not as much media attention. Rather, it is a quiet and humble game, requiring grace, precision, skill, and above all, class.

Golf requires a special kind of patience and mental toughness. Golf requires years and years of practice and perfection to accumulate the skills necessary to play. The level of precision and technique that is necessary in golf is unparalleled in any other sport. You must keep your feet square. your head behind the ball, your left elbow straight, your pinky and thumb interlocked, you must not take your eye off the ball, you cannot move your hips, your knees must stay bent, your back must stay straight, and the list goes on and on. And if you were to deviate in any one of these principles, consequences would follow.

For instance, if your head were to shift slightly to the left while swinging, the ball would curve sharply to the right, in what is known as a slice. And as for the unfortunate golfers who have developed a bad habit of not being able to stop slicing, they are affectionately referred to as chefs. If your head were to dip down while swinging, it would result in the club digging into the ground and taking a chunk of grass out with it, leaving a hole in the ground called a divot.

Once, you learn the basics however, one can truly enjoy the beauty of the sport. I have heard time and time again that golf is the ultimate metaphor for life, and I must agree. At the beginning of a hole you start at the tee box and hit the ball down the fairway towards the green which houses the cup which you eventually want to get the ball to land in. Much like life, you may get yourself into bad situations and you then need to put in extra work to get yourself out. If your ball strays off of the fairway and into the rough, which is much longer grass and much harder to hit the ball out of, you must work harder to make up for it. and once you have accomplished your goal and made it to the cup, it is time to move on to the next hole.

Plus, golf is an amazing relaxant. What other sport could you play in such a beautiful environment? There is no better feeling than getting up early in the morning and playing a round of golf amongst the beautiful trees with the morning dew still on the freshly mown grass. I do not know if it would necessarily be everyones cup of tee, but no one ever said they wanted to go play football to relieve stress, thats for sure.

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