how did you get this number?

it was 3.00 a.m,
my mind was numb, my heart could barely feel
felt your voice run through my ear
those goose-bumps did appear,
and all that i could hear
was your appeal, just to appeal.

“i’ll peel my skin if you speak like that. 
don’t talk to me.just breathe.

but no,

it’s 3:00 a.m, don’t listen. 
c’mon, tell me how you feel?”

i wasn’t wake at all,
you know, i didn’t expect a call, 
i wore my ex’s spectacles,
and i just could not see the point.

i lost you once when i didn’t have a choice,
don’t talk to me… (that voice),
and who told you you would find me
this demeanor just reminds me
how you choose me just to use me
when your lover rests asleep.

i’m not the best, so don’t you bet on me,
my girl just went to bed on me,
i’m looking at my phone, 
and this green thread got me feeling really blue,
is this ringing really you?
or did you, think of me,
and summon me,
to the dream-state of your slumber?
cuz, how did you get this number?
and who told you was wake,
and furthermore,
that i would answer?