Justice League Musings

I just saw the movie, and it was fun. My expectations were so low, I thought it was going to be a dumpster fire of epic proportions. My biggest question regarding the movie is, why are the ratings so low? I probably am not the only person with this same feeling, it did not even make the common mistake of dragging on. It was a not a chore at any point, so it begs the question why?

Primary Theory —Fallout From Previous DC Movies

I think probably the biggest factor is the current DC universe has not covered itself in glory with previous releases. It has tried to separate itself from Marvel by going for a more edgy universe, the chief culprit among them being the Superman movies. We all grew up watching a hopeful, colourful and at times corny Superman; his main character flaw was not that he was too idealistic and did not make the hard decisions like Batman. Even if they wanted to go for a different Superman, they did not go far enough. NetherRealm Studios, who are the makers of MK and the Injustice series, has shown it is possible to execute on the idea of having an edgy universe. They made Superman the main villain in their universe and pit him against Batman, this was achieved by having Superman’s family die by his own hands(under the influence of the Joker), the event drove him over the deep end and led to him being a tyrannical ruler with help from WW and other justice leaguers. It was the most human Superman I have seen, and honestly it was difficult for me not to see his point of view. If I lost my family there really is no telling what I would do to assuage my grief. So DC were caught in this weird middle were you had brooding characters devoid of any enthusiasm or joy, you also mix in a pretty colourless background which made me feel depressed, which is not the emotion I remember from watching the cartoons. If you are even going down this route, there has to be a compelling over-arching narrative to make me push aside my preconceived notions of what a superhero movie should be. It was a brave idea to try and deconstruct the superhero genre, but not executing the idea properly is going to cost you more because you do not have the comforts of traditional superhero story telling to fall back on, and as a result they left themselves exposed and at the mercy of critics. People were more willingly to trust the critics, simply because of how bad the other movies were(really Martha!!!!!! REALLY!). This affected it’s ratings on the major sites, low turnout means fewer people to evangelize your movie on those major ratings websites.