Although 2016 has come to an end, it was a blessing to live another year of life. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had some crazy moments. There has been rough times and exciting times.I know we have learned a lot as this year is coming to an end. But for me there are ten things I have learned will turn me into the man I am going to be. I learned that friends come and go. No matter if they say you are their best friend, they can turn their back on you and talk about you. I also learned that motivation can go a long way. If you find a way to motivate yourself for something you really do, you will go far and possibly reach it. Another thing that has made me wiser is that if you are a college student, you need to no longer be a slacker. I have slacked off my first year in college, but by that I mean I didn’t want to do as well as I wanted to. However, I promise I will do better next semester. The fourth thing I have learned this year was that Lamoni, Iowa is so small you can literally walk in and out of it by taking on street. I even learned that by being in a small community that everybody knows everybody and your business will get out there if you don’t be careful. One other thing I have learned was that where I go to school has a lot of different people so you never know what they act like or how they feel about certain things and that you have to be thoughtful for everyone around you. Another lesson that college has really taught me was that you are really on your own and you are starting a brand-new chapter in your life, so that means you should try to do the best you can when you have an opportunity like this. All the years I have been alive the first year of college really gave me a reality check. When I first got here I was playing football and I was really doing good, but since I thought I was all that I started slacking off and got moved down to the scout team. That taught me that even if you are where you want to be don’t stop trying because you will find yourself in the back of the line. I also learned that by being a college student you play a lot of games and I noticed that in 2k if you are mad because you can’t make the ball than things will only get worse. So slow down and take it easy when times get rough. Take a deep breath. I also learned that Pablo Escobar is a bad ass, he tried to take on the whole world and man did he get far.

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