Self-awareness — concentrate on your strenghts

I am a great fan of what Gary Vaynerchuk was saying lately about self-awareness.

( for instance in this article —’I can’t code and you can’t sell’ ).

I believe that knowing your strenghts and weaknesses — being self-aware is the most important trait a person can have — it serves this person and people around him/her. I would like to share from my personal experience what really helped me become more self - aware and serve people around me too.

Since little child I had a strong desire for expression — I was a great at playing the piano, and singing, however due to pressure from family and teachers I never had courage to go into the direction of expressing my ‘self’ seriously — very few people around me view ‘singer’ as a profession. Lately, as I started working with my emotions — as I’ve integrated a lot of anger, depression and fear I had, my new self started to emerge, ‘Self’ that was there all the time, longing for creative endevours, expression through paint and other mediums.

Human design helped me a lot with understanding how I work, what my purpose is and which characteristics I should focus on and why I am not good at certain tasks.

I encourage you to get your chart and see for yourself( . There is lots of free information on gates, crosses and profiles on the Web. If this sounds too New-Age or made-up for you, I totally get that! But if it works for you, and for me it did, then I please share this article with your friends.

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‘Etosha’ oil painting, 30x40cm