Write Medium in Markdown without pain

I like Medium because of its simple design, many excellent stories and the reward for writers. However, there is a critical defect in Medium for me: it does not support Markdown.

As a developer, I like using Markdown to write posts (and perhaps most of engineers like it, too.) Markdown’s format is clear and easy-to-remember so that it is convenient to write a great post, especially about programing articles. But the pity is that Medium regards Markdown as a geek format, so will not plan to support it.

Unsupported? Don’t worry, we are developers.

What are the specific goals?

  1. An simple Markdown editor.
  2. Automatically convert from Code block to Gist, and fit to exact language format.
  3. An simple picture uploader.
  4. Don’t forget to support Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on.
  5. Publish your stories to Medium, with just one click.

Cooking step? tl;dr: Put your love, passion, time, code, cat fur and some bugs (required) in a magic cauldron, then stir for a wile under the purple moonlight. After a few weeks you will get something called Markdium.

Let see how it works

Give it a try! https://markdium.dev/editor