Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Deleted MY Life

I don’t mind being asked for my ID, let’s say when I have to get on a plane, go into a bar, or flash it at a cashier to make sure my name matches the credit card. But do I really need to provide “my government issued ID” to use Facebook?

Facebook asking for ID verification

Facebook has deleted my existence demanding I upload a government issued ID for their approval so I can access my account.

Apparently, I can’t use a nickname on Facebook as they want my legal name which my ID has to reflect along with a picture and date of birth.

AGAIN why does Facebook need this information?”

What’s more interesting/disturbing is that now when I try to look for myself on my friend’s pages, I have completely vanished. I am no longer in their friend’s lists, all my posts and messages have disappeared! I no longer exist to them. Actually I no longer exist on Facebook, and maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…

We all share too much information with Facebook and I fear it’s all going to come back to haunt us in the near future or bite us in the ass as it’s been shown to do over and over again.

Facebook has facial recognition and we all post many of our pictures while readily tagging ourselves and friends. Facebook knows whom our family members, friends, loved ones, kids are and they know our relationship status, education and place of employment. In fact Facebook knows more about us than our loved ones do because they track our likes, they know which ex we still secretly check out, they follow us across the web or across the world on our mobile devices. And the best part is that we have all done this while readily leaving a trail of big smiling emojis. Many have become addicted to Facebook getting our fix by clicking, liking, posting and sharing. And let’s face it, in the coming battle of man versus machine, Facebook now controls our digital soul.

Facebook now controls our digital soul

My picture wasn’t on my profile, I used a nickname, I lied about my birthdate but I was on Facebook for close to a decade with 800+ friends. Old friends, classmates, co-workers could all find me, the most important people that needed to find me, did. But that isn’t good enough for Mark, he wants my state-issued ID now in addition to my digital soul. I feel violated and disenfranchised like those in a Red State that now require an ID to vote. We have been shut out, erased.

So RIP KingAsif. I bid adieu to my Facebook friends, you probably don’t know I am gone anyway since you are all so busy baring your soul for the Zuckerberg bots to consume.

While I hope this spreads on Facebook like a virus please, do tweet your comments to me @FirstPersonNews. It feels good to get my soul back.


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