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Telemedicine is the use of digital technologies such as computers, smartphones, and the internet to deliver healthcare services to patients located away from the hospital. Today, technology has become an important tool for addressing the growing healthcare challenges such as limited resources and the number of care providers.

And as the COVID-19 virus spreads and continues to disrupt everything in the entire world, telemedicine has been instrumental in improving access to healthcare services without in-person visits. The technology allows doctors and other healthcare givers to attend to patients remotely via telephone, email, messaging or videoconferencing or other communications channel.

Although the technology has been in use for some time, the COVID-19 virus has accelerated its use over the past few months. In addition to saving costs for the patients and healthcare facilities, it helps to maintain safe social distances hence minimizing risks of infections for patients and hospital staff. …

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Silicon carbide (SiC) devices belong to the group of wide bandgap semiconductors and have several characteristics that make them attractive for a wide range of power applications.

Compared to silicon devices, SiC components have higher voltage and current capacity, lower losses, larger breakdown field strength, faster-switching, and ability to withstand high-temperature conditions.

Construction, characteristics, and benefits of SiC power devices

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SiC vs IGBT power modules -Image Arpa

The SiC devices are designed and built almost like the normal Si counterparts, apart from a few differences such as the semiconductor material. Unlike the Si which uses silicon, the SiC has additional carbon atoms.

When it comes to the device construction, the SiC devices have thinner drift layer and higher impurity concentrations that give them lower electrical resistance and consequently less conduction and switching power losses. …


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